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Rimless-vermelho-aberto Rimless-vermelho-estojo Teste_rl_verm

Óculos p/ Leitura Vermelho FRETE GRÁTIS p/ Compras de 2 peças ou mais

Cod.: 140 - Entrega em até 2 dias úteis (Grande São Paulo)

Selecione o Grau

R$ 69,99

Parcelamento com Cartão de Crédito --------------------------------------------------

1x de R$ 69.99 sem juros
2x de R$ 35.0 sem juros
3x de R$ 23.33 sem juros


Óculos para leitura com armações em TR-90 SUPER FLEXÍVEIS e resistentes, com lentes asféricas, produzidas com a mais alta tecnologia, que conferem aos óculos Rimless B+D excelente visão, conforto e leveza (pesam só 12 gramas).

Este produto é indicado especificamente para leitura, não devendo ser utilizado para qualquer outra finalidade e seus usuários devem consultar regularmente um oftalmologista.

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Chen Rui surprised a moment, his face again in a wry smile, Hsin Tao matter how they do not know, the old man called me, is not to find their own, but directly to the Tang Lisheng, this matter is worthy of scrutiny. Uncle, aunt, tell the truth, <strong><a href="http://www.burberryoutletmp.com/" title="burberry outlet">burberry outlet</a></strong> I did not consider the matter of marriage, although <strong><a href="http://www.burberryoutletmp.com/" title="burberry purses">burberry purses</a></strong> age is not small, but married it still has to go through various considerations, of course, <strong><a href="http://www.burberryoutletmp.com/" title="burberry handbags">burberry handbags</a></strong> not not want to marry Xiaowan <strong><a href="http://www.burberryoutletmp.com/" title="burberry usa">burberry usa</a></strong> of affection between the two is very stable, just need each other more run-in. Chen Rui smiled, distant Tang Wan looked one was sitting on the sand watching TV, took a deep breath and just said are the facts, feelings, indeed, have been is not salty aside, has never been a formal talk However, just such a thing is not so straightforward and tell Qin Tang Lisheng Qin Yu. Tang Lisheng Qin Yu looked at each other, then he gently coughed Road: Chen Rui, <strong><a href="http://www.burberryoutletmp.com/" title="burberry shirts">burberry shirts</a></strong> said, you still negotiable and Xiaowan earlier marriage to end up, your dad said, He wanted to have grandchildren.

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Slarvefeeri | 16/06/2013

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seesiaVah | 16/06/2013

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Opiseenap | 16/06/2013

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DREDAYTARTFAT | 17/06/2013

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heartergo | 17/06/2013

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Affibebiats | 17/06/2013

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